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Norfolk’s army of ‘critically important’ volunteers

Care minister Norman Lamb praised the efforts of volunteers in enriching people’s lives as he opened a new charity hub in Norwich.


How YOU can become a friend in need

A Friend in Need is a campaign run by the Norwich Evening News and Voluntary Norfolk to increase the number of volunteer befrienders in the city.

It aims to reduce loneliness and isolation among vulnerable people by pairing them with volunteers, and was launched after the tragic death of a Lakenham man in January 2012, who may have been dead for months before being discovered.

Carers at breaking point

Carers at breaking point, Older People’s Commissioner Sarah Rochira says

 Sarah Rochira says the system should fit around carers

More needs to be done to support carers who are at breaking point, the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales says.

Sarah Rochira is concerned that too many carers across Wales are missing out on much-needed help and their work is often undervalued.

She said it can often lead to a deterioration of their mental and physical health.

Ministers said a “significantly strengthened and expanded policy” was in place to support carers.

Carers Rights Day…

Guest blog from maz carer

Hi guys, Carers Rights day is almost upon us again, it’s on Friday!

I guess, it’s the right time to look back and see if, for Carers, anything has really changed!
Are we still fighting the same fight and struggling on alone or have we Carers gotten a better deal?
I really feel, that kinda depends on where you live and if your local Authority has embraced SDS (Self Directed Support) or not!