Carers Rights Day…

Guest blog from maz carer

Hi guys, Carers Rights day is almost upon us again, it’s on Friday!

I guess, it’s the right time to look back and see if, for Carers, anything has really changed!
Are we still fighting the same fight and struggling on alone or have we Carers gotten a better deal?
I really feel, that kinda depends on where you live and if your local Authority has embraced SDS (Self Directed Support) or not!

Coo and I have been lucky!

Where I live in Ayrshire, the Local Authority has been very pro-active and supportive so SDS is a reality here for over 50 families who agreed to test the water and try it on for size! The word from the Carers I’ve been in contact with? Well, it seems most have had a positive experience and this new way of providing care and support for both the disabled person and their family has worked well!

I’ve definitely found SDS a positive experience and to be totally honest, it’s the most effective support Coo and I have ever had! Just the comfort in knowing help and assistance is there when we need it, not having to worry all the time about where funding will come from or even if there will be enough in the pot, has relieved a lot of pressure and stress. The flexibility that has allowed us respite breaks when things have been at their most difficult too, have made things a lot less stressful and easier to manage.

It’s not so everywhere though! In fact it’s really a bit of a mixed bag and that dreaded postcode lottery comes into play. On my Carers Scotland Committee team, I know Carers in Highland and in central areas, who have moved to SDS and are having a good experience too but too many Carers in other areas are still struggling on alone!

I’ve found the biggest strain this year has not been from the usual sources, neither health, caring nor disability – it’s been from our own government and media! Just how sad is that!

The people we elected and trusted to support and care for the most vulnerable in our society have let us down! Their aggressive ‘War on Welfare’, their attempts to dismantle the much needed support and funding from our Welfare State system, has by far been the greatest struggle currently faced by Disabled people and their Carers!

Our Government and media seem to forget, we Carers are ‘working’ at least thirty-five hrs every week and we’re paid £59 Carers Allowance,
(just over £1 an hour!) but we Carers save the government as much money as they’d need to fund another NHS!
Please try to remember this before you attach the horrid ‘Benefits Scrounger’ label!
Carers need support not scorn!

Keep faith in better days and keep strong!
Maz x****************Maz%27s+Carer+Blog****************%29