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Latest University research on dementia and strokes.

Dementia risk is higher in people with both stroke and irregular heartbeat, reveals latest University research
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Stroke patients who also suffer from an irregular heartbeat are at double the risk of developing dementia, according to a new study by the University of East Anglia [UEA].

Published in the journal Neurology, the findings show that stroke survivors with an irregular heartbeat – or atrial fibrillation – are 2.4 times more likely to develop dementia than stroke survivors without the heart condition.
The researchers analysed 15 studies with more than 45,000 participants and an average age of 72. They compared patients with and without atrial fibrillation, and followed–up to determine which developed dementia over time. Around a quarter of patients with both stroke and atrial fibrillation were subsequently found to have developed dementia.

Diabetics could be spared pain of daily jab

Diabetics could be spared pain of daily jab


Daily injections of insulin for diabetics could soon be replaced by jabs needed only three times a week.

A longer-acting form of insulin, called degludec, works as well as once-a-day medication for patients with type 2 diabetes, a study found.

One in three patients with type 2 currently has to inject insulin at least once a day

Off to the pigeon loft after completing the census form!

Mention how you care on census
I DON’T see myself falling particularly into the Luddite envelope – I happily embrace new technologies and am not fighting the great fight for vinyl over mp3 file. Emails – no problem. Texting – all good (LOL).

But one thing I do miss is the actual hand written and posted, falling onto your doormat-type letter. Lord Byron is alleged to have said, “Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company”, and I think he had a point.