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Poem by a Carer……A bad back

It’s hard to carry out caring,
When your back refuses to bend,
And you cannot get your socks on,
Because your leg seems to have no end.

But you cannot be ill as a carer,
The job is still there to be done,
But with backache, it’s like doing the firewalk,
But not nearly half so much fun.

So get yourself up out of bed, lad,
Leave the sheets warm, smooth as silk,
Creak to the bathroom and wash time,
Then go get some bread and some milk.

Try find a comfy position,
Sitting, standing, lying and then,
Hold it for a couple of minutes,
Until duty starts calling again.

So lots of pills and medication,
Will soon have you up , feeling frisky.
O!! Bum to the painkilling tablets,
And pass me the bottle of whisky.

Author A Carer

New service to provide extra help to Oxfordshire’s carers

New service to provide extra help to Oxfordshire’s carers

1:10pm Thursday 31st March 2011

A NEW service to provide better support for many of Oxfordshire’s 60,000 carers goes live tomorrow.

County council social services fear they are in contact with as few as 15 per cent of the tens of thousands of carers in the county, many of whom are desperately in need of help looking after elderly partners and relatives or someone with a physical disability.

Initiative helps dementia carers train in empathy

31 March 2011 Last updated at 02:37


Initiative helps dementia carers train in empathy

 By Anna-Marie Lever Health reporter, BBC News

Trying dementia: a workshop of blindfolds and fast eating

A new training initiative is helping dementia carers empathise with those they look after.

Goggles that distort vision, gloves that reduce the sense of touch, and loud white noise – just three things which create a sense of frustration, confusion and loss of control.

By evoking the feelings of what it might be like to have dementia, those at the workshop are able to reflect on how best to care for people with the condition.