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Care home rated excellent – victim of the budget cuts

Care home victim of the budget cuts

Reporter: Richard Hooton
Date online: 11 March 2011

A CARE home rated as excellent is being closed due to council budget cuts.

Limecroft Care Home, White Bank Road, Limeside, which provides respite care and has a day centre for people with dementia, is due to shut at the end of the month.

Council chiefs say the centre is underused and places at other facilities will be used instead.

But families are upset that a respected establishment will go and say 21 residents are currently cared for there.

After its last inspection from the Care Quality Commission the home was given a three-star excellent rating.

One woman, whose mum is a patient, said: “The care there has been wonderful. It is such a shame to be shutting such a marvellous home.

“We haven’t got a clue what’s going to happen and when. The council seems to be trying to get the patients into private residential care. It seems to be shutting all the homes down. It doesn’t seem to be bothered about providing care any more.”

How little do they value ‘carers’?


Abolition of social care duties ‘would be illegal’

Vern Pitt
Friday 11 March 2011 11:29

Abolishing councils’ legal duties to provide social care would breach human rights law, a lawyer has warned after the government floated the idea.

Interesting board game for carers of someone with Bipolar

Help for carers of someone with Bipolar

Board game aids understanding of bipolar disorder.

Bipolar board game
Game players match answer cards to the questions posed on the board.

A board game has been developed to promote better understanding of bipolar disorder and how it affects sufferers.

Jocelyn Duncan, from Caerphilly, lived with the illness, characterised by severe mood swings, for decades before being diagnosed.