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Young carers facing a tough time, says Norfolk teen

Young carers facing a tough time, says Norfolk teen

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 
10.32 AM

Young carer Hannah Cargill.

A Norfolk teenager has told of the difficulties facing young carers as they try to get an education while looking after family members.

 Hannah Cargill, from Great Yarmouth, has become a campaigner for young carers in the county as a key member of the Norfolk Young Carers Forum, which was launched last year.

What If

What If


Turning Niomi’s beautiful poem into a song for use in the Red Cross Shropshire Young Carers documentary

Youngest carer in Gloucestershire is only 4 years old!

Youngest carer in county is four years old – public debate hears
WHILE some children think only of playing and fun, others have a different life and are burdened with caring for families, sometimes even helping feed and wash.

And the youngest carer in the county is just four years old.

Although it is not known the particulars of this child’s reality, the news rocked an audience when county health boss Jan Stubbings made the startling revelation at The Gloucestershire Health Debate on Thursday.