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Care Quality Commission’s David Prior attacks NHS culture

Health regulator David Prior said the NHS could ultimately go bust if change did not happen

The head of the health watchdog says the NHS in England has a culture that “doesn’t listen” and he has been “shocked” by behaviour he has seen.

Care Quality Commission chairman David Prior said a rift between managers and clinicians was jeopardising safety and blocking improvements in care.

He said the NHS could go bust without “serious change” and called for more competition to drive up standards.

Integrated urgent care needs funding overhaul, NHS leaders tell MPs

By Neil Roberts, 22 January 2014

NHS England officials plan to overhaul funding arrangements for the whole urgent care system, but admitted to fears that councils could misuse health service funding intended to promote integration.

House of Commons: MPs questioned NHS England officials

House of Commons: MPs questioned NHS England officials

Part of NHS England’s ongoing urgent care review will look at ways to allow integrated funding of urgent care pathways across primary and secondary care, its acute care director Professor Keith Willett told MPs on the House of Commons health select committee.

The current fragmented system of different funding and commissioning systems for general practice, hospitals, ambulances and community care services meant even when the sectors were brought together to commission integrated urgent care pathways caused problems, said Professor Willett.

Professor Willett, who is leading the review of urgent care under NHS England medical director Sir Bruce Keogh, said: ‘When we come to allocate the money, again, we are still stuck with those methods.

Older cancer patients ‘should not be written off’

Older cancer patients should not be “written off” as too old for treatment, a charity has warned.

Macmillan Cancer Support said decisions on care should be made based on a patient’s fitness, not their age.

It cited data which suggests 130,000 people over 65 diagnosed with cancer between 1991-2010 survived for more than 10 years.

NHS England acknowledged that it needed to deliver better services to people in the over-65 age group.