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Older cancer patients ‘should not be written off’

Older cancer patients should not be “written off” as too old for treatment, a charity has warned.

Macmillan Cancer Support said decisions on care should be made based on a patient’s fitness, not their age.

It cited data which suggests 130,000 people over 65 diagnosed with cancer between 1991-2010 survived for more than 10 years.

NHS England acknowledged that it needed to deliver better services to people in the over-65 age group.

Patients ‘not ill enough’ for care funding

  The NHS should pay for those who have a complex medical condition and need nursing care

BBC Scotland has discovered further evidence that Scottish people are being wrongly charged care home costs.

The BBC has now learned of three people who are minimally conscious or in a vegetative state who have been told they are not “ill enough” to get their care costs paid by the NHS.

The three individuals all suffered serious strokes.

NHS care at home for elderly and disabled quietly slashed by a third

Huge pressure on family carers


Care at home for elderly and disabled quietly slashed by a third

By , Social Affairs Editor

The number of frail elderly and disabled people receiving care at home has been slashed by a third in just five years as councils have reined in spending because of pressure from budget cuts, a new study shows.

The squeeze in overall numbers receiving care in England comes at a time when the numbers of older people has been growing almost twice as fast as the general population.