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Imperial College London is first university to offer emergency child and adult care

Imperial College London is the first university in the UK to offer its staff access to emergency child and adult care, as part of a new service to support parents and carers at the College.

Date of article: 20-Jan-14

Article By: Sue Learner, News Editor

The new service is being rolled out in partnership with My Family Care, a specialist provider of family-friendly services and resources, to provide all staff with access to three backup care services – emergency childcare, school holiday cover and backup adult and eldercare.

Professor James Stirling, provost of Imperial, said: “Imperial recognises that parents and carers, who make up a significant proportion of our staff, can find it challenging to juggle the demands of work and family. This initiative is part of our continuing commitment to ensuring that Imperial staff receive the support and help that they need to balance these responsibilities.”

The College will fund the registration costs to My Family Care, with the staff then paying for any care depending on how long services are required.

Leicester City Council seeks foster carers for elderly people

A fostering scheme where families will be paid to take elderly people into their homes is to be tried in Leicester.

Carers will be paid £224 a week and Leicester City Council will pay for modifications to their homes.

Age UK warned that potentially vulnerable people could be placed in homes with strangers.

But the council said carers would be vetted before being approved, and care would be closely monitored.

In October, the council confirmed plans to close or sell off eight of its care homes.

Amid growing poverty, councils have failed to save fund for those in need

From April 2015, a £180m a year hardship fund will be abolished. Councils have simply not made a strong enough argument for it


“Poverty can never be tackled simply through central government schemes. There is a growing need for more innovative approaches.”

Iain Duncan Smith‘s axe has struck again. This time its local authority welfare assistance schemes on the block. But we’re not talking reform or even cuts. The scheme had already been significantly cut last year. From April 2015 a £180m a year hardship fund will be abolished completely. That’s right. Scrapped. A vital safety net will no longer be there.

For years I’ve seen the value of crisis loans, which used to operate under the social fund until the government devolved funding last year, allowing councils to set up their own discretionary crisis funds. They’re a critical part of the welfare system to help people in desperate need.