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Buy local and save nearly £900 a year

Family shuns supermarkets and SAVES £900 a year after switching to local shops and markets following birth of daughter

  • Ian and Rebekah Pugh gave up supermarkets to save money
  • Experiment began before the birth of their daughter Lizzie
  • Over the year they have saved £900 and say their diet is better
  • Now they plan to stay supermarket-free forever

By David Wilkes


Realising that supermarkets were costing them a small fortune, they set themselves the challenge of shunning them for a year.

Sticking to ten strict rules, the couple limited their food budget to £50 a week and began buying all their groceries from local shops and markets.


Shop swap: Ian and Rebekah Pugh gave up supermarkets before the birth of their daughter Lizzie and say they have saved money and have a better diet

Tablets and apps might be doctor’s orders of the future

Devices can enable doctors to closely monitor a patient

Doctor's waiting room Is the doctor’s waiting room due for an update?

If you have ever sat in a doctor’s waiting room, next to someone with a hacking cough and with only a pile of out-of-date Reader’s Digests for company, then you may have asked whether the system was fit for 21st Century living.

The NHS seems under increasing pressure, from GP surgeries to accident and emergency rooms. It feels as if the healthcare system is in desperate need of CPR – the question is will technology be the thing that brings it back to life?

Last Tango in Halifax shows that the old deserve a starring role

I hope it will soon become the norm for the old to be part of the mainstream of daily life

Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi in 'Last Tango in Halifax'

Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi in ‘Last Tango in Halifax’

Is it something in the air of Halifax? Or is it in the air more generally? I suspect the latter. Millions of television viewers will be there tonight – Halifax that is – watching as Celia marries Alan, both in their seventies. The BBC television series Last Tango in Halifax, is a universal success, enjoyed by old and young alike. And in that sense marks something of a tipping point.