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In sickness and in health: living with illness

When serious illness strikes there’s often just one thing that stops sufferers from crumpling – the unwavering support of their partners

Lindsay Mitcheson and Paul Adams

 Lindsay Mitcheson and Paul Adams Photo: EVA VERMANDEL

 By Helen Gent 7:00AM BST 10 Apr 2011

Lyndsay Mitcheson, 43, had her left leg amputated above the knee in August last year after contracting MRSA during a knee replacement operation for arthritis. She lives in York with her two teenage children. Her partner of two years, Paul Adams, 43, a graphic designer, lives in Leeds

LYNDSAY When I met Paul I was walking with sticks and in a lot of pain from the MRSA. We didn’t talk about what was going to happen with my leg but in the back of my mind I knew I was going to lose it. We had grown so close I felt I had to give him the chance to do a runner. I vividly remember the night we discussed it. I told him, ‘This leg is going to go,’ and he just said, ‘OK.’ Paul is the easiest end of easy-going but there were still dark moments when I thought he would leave.

UK to face more anti-cuts protests

The British government is to face another series of nationwide protests starting on April 14 against spending cuts.

Next Thursday, April 14, has been chosen as a national day for scores of anti-cut campaigners to demonstrate in Bristol, Brighton, Leeds, London and Poole.

Grandads who Care

STEP forward grandad for some long overdue recognition. For far too long the popular depiction of the family has centred on mum, dad and gran.

Grandad has been erased, or consigned to the potting shed, or shut away in the spare room, hrrumphing at the decline of radio programmes and daytime television.