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Reading: Cuts to council care support agreed

Cuts to council care support agreed

By Linda Fort
April 07, 2011

Social workers in Reading will begin the task of reassessing elderly and disabled people receiving care following a decision by councillors on Tuesday last week.

People with moderate needs currently receiving care will be reassessed and if their needs have not increased to critical or substantial levels they will lose their support from the council.

The full council also agreed a new charging policy for day centres which will see £4.90 a day charges to some users dropped altogether while others could see that charge go up to £43.

Burnley parents join respite care protest

Burnley parents join respite care protest

Published on Wednesday 6 April 2011 16:10

PARENTS of some of Burnley’s most vulnerable children joined protests against proposed cuts to respite care homes.

Fears are that families in the town could be plunged into crisis if any of the East Lancashire homes – including Reedley Cottages – are closed by the County Council.

Could you please help by knitting some breasts

An email from California from someone who wanted to knit her great-granny a breast to comfort her after a mastectomy

I am launching a volunteer project here in the US to provide women who’ve undergone mastectomies with the option of knit, crocheted or fabric prosthetic breasts (with a less ‘medical’ look to them, and an opportunity for these women to process their journey in color and texture, to express themselves, to feel feminine, strong, average, wild, balanced, or any other way they wish to express). In my research I have come across many references to breast models for lactation training in the UK.