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Grandads who Care

STEP forward grandad for some long overdue recognition. For far too long the popular depiction of the family has centred on mum, dad and gran.

Grandad has been erased, or consigned to the potting shed, or shut away in the spare room, hrrumphing at the decline of radio programmes and daytime television.

Web transcript – David Behan on Mental Health Strategy on PRTC

Transcripts of our hosted live chats are available here, for you to read through at your convenience.


 No health without mental health Mental Health Strategy chat with David Behan, Thursday 7th April 2011David Behan, Director General for Social Care, Local Government and Care Partnerships, joined Carers.org for a webchat on the Mental Health Strategy.

The chat was for anyone affected by the Mental Health Strategy, including social care professionals, service users and carers.

More cuts for carers on the buses

Cuts are a double blow to carers

Tim Clarke

08 April. Updated: 08 April 11:16


CUTBACKS to concessionary bus travel have dealt a double blow to the disabled and their carers, a group has claimed.
The Worcestershire Association of Carers (WAC) fear the county council’s decision not to fund concessionary bus travel before 9.30am will put a huge strain on carers.
WAC has also voiced concern over the impact of proposed cuts to some subsidised bus routes, which are the subject of an ongoing consultation.
From last Friday (April 1) people entitled to concessionary bus fares were no longer able to travel before 9.30am.
The county council, which has taken over responsibility for concessionary travel from district and borough councils, chose not to fund concessionary fares outside the national provision of 9.30am to 11.30pm.