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Dementia loved ones ‘benefit from visits’

People with dementia feel happy long after a visit or experience they may have forgotten

Spending time with loved ones with dementia is important even after they fail to recognise the faces of friends and family, a dementia charity says.

A survey found that 42% of the public think there is no point in keeping up contact at this stage.

‘I do my crying in the shower’

Caring for a husband with dementia is a lonely and isolating experience, Alison Bulmer says.

“People say I am strong, but I don’t feel strong a lot of the time. The shower gets a lot of my tears.”

Her husband, Paul, 57, and from Cheshire, has a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease that attacks the back of the brain.

Yes, music works wonders. But never underestimate the power of a kitten.

Love comes in all shapes, sizes and colours including small, furry, and black and white

The first two parts of this story are here, and here.

Just as the words “make a wish” come out of my mouth, Lila* walks into the living room with the cutest kitten I’ve ever seen cradled in her arms.

“Oh my goodness! Speaking of kittens, look Mom!”

“Here’s a real live one,” Shirley joins in.

“Would you like to hold the kitten Patti?” Lila offers.