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Care Act 2014: the public needs to get involved in the consultation

People with care needs should dictate how generous the social care system is and who it supports


  • The Department of Health consultation is nearly 1000 pages long – but is still vitally important.
  • Unless a high-speed railway is about to be directed through your garden, why would a member of the public take the time to respond to a government consultation? Take the consultation from the Department of Health on the rules affecting who qualifies for care and support, which was published in June. All a bit boring, isn’t it? It’s hundreds of pages long and full of legalese.

Dying need ‘free social care’, cancer campaigners say

Providing free social care could save £69m a year on the care of cancer patients alone, the report says.

Free end-of-life social care is needed to save the NHS in England money and improve patient care, campaigners say.

Macmillan Cancer Support says it could save the NHS in England £69m a year on the care of cancer patients alone.

Its analysis is based on a review of patient surveys, official NHS spending data and interviews with senior decision-makers.

Social care is currently means-tested, but ministers are considering providing it to everyone at the end of life.

About half of people end up dying in hospital despite eight in 10 saying they would prefer to die at home.

Out-of-hospital plan ‘a recipe for disaster’, MPs warn

Cutting back on hospital services in England – before community services are geared up to provide care – is a “recipe for disaster”, MPs say.