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Getting connected with help from the Post Office

We’re helping customers to Get Connected Man assisting woman with a digital device

Having basic online skills is increasingly becoming an essential part of daily life. It is not only frustrating for those people who can’t access the internet but is also increasingly becoming a disadvantage. Those not using the internet are excluded from the benefits of being online. From the better deals and savings available online through to keeping in touch with friends and family, applying for jobs or pursuing passions and interests.

Chloe Smith says: Join local carers in ‘Carers Week’ donation morning

Chloe Smith says: can you donate old computers? Join local carers in ‘Carers Week’ donation morning

June 12, 2013

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Chloe Smith, Member of Parliament for Norwich North, will on Friday 14th June join a locally-run carers group to call for simple help from the community.

Chloe will be joining “Chill4Us” at a coffee session hosted at Peter Taylor Funeral Directors to show her support and recognition of the hard work of carers.

“Chill4Us” host online chat sessions to reach out to carers who may feel isolated whilst often being confined to their homes whilst looking after their loved one. Chloe has supported her Hellesdon constituent, who runs the group, many times in the past.

Chloe is supporting Chill4Us’ ‘Computers For Carers’ campaign by appealing to local businesses or individuals to show support for local carers by asking for donations of computers and laptops that are no longer needed, so that they can be given to carers who cannot afford computer equipment themselves.

Hard-up families offered computers for £24

Cheap as microchips

MILLIONS of less well-off families not on the internet are to be offered computers for just £24.

The offer also includes broadband from £2.99 a month, so Brits can get a PC and a year of web access for less than £60.

It is the latest push in the government-backed Get Online@Home initiative — aimed at the 10.8 million people without home web access.

The scheme is the brainchild of web expert Baroness Lane Fox, the Government’s Digital Champion and founder of

She said: “With the cost of internet access cited as a key reason for not being online, this is an incredible saving and will transform the lives of everyone who hasn’t been able to get online before.”