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How Norfolk’s hidden carers are missing out on help

Thursday, June 12, 2014
8:44 AM

Carer John Cook and his wife Maureen who has dementia. Photo by Simon Finlay.

Jack Diplock-Cass is the Young Carers Champion at Great Yarmouth College. He helps look after his two brothers.

One in nine people in Norfolk is thought to be a carer, but many fail to recognise themselves as such and are missing out on vital help.

Young carer Jack Diplock-Cass

Jack Diplock-Cass didn’t realise he was a young carer until last year.

The 18-year-old helps his mum look after his brothers Sean, 17, who has deficits in attention, motor control and perception, and Colby, 10, who has autism.

While Jack, who lives near Northgate Street in Great Yarmouth, had done his best to cope, the strain took its toll on his social life, schoolwork and his health.

The hidden army of carers

Some 6.5m people described themselves as carers in the last Census

Nick Triggle Health correspondent

The state of the NHS and social care system is never far from the headlines.

There are 1.4m people working for the health service and a similar number staffing care homes and providing vital home help. But these figures are dwarfed by a hidden workforce – the UK’s army of carers.

Some 6.5m people identified themselves as carers in the last Census – that’s one in eight adults in the UK. Over the next 20 years that number is expected to grow to 9m.

Some of these people are just providing a few hours care a week for someone, but significant numbers are doing much more – and according to new research need greater help.

Dementia beds and staffing in Norfolk and Suffolk cut by 45pc ahead of looming increase in cases

Former Waveney MP, Bob Blizzard speaking at a rally

Former Waveney MP, Bob Blizzard speaking at a rally to sending a message to the government and the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust to think again on proposals for cuts to local mental health care services. Picture: James Bass

Thursday, May 29, 2014
6:30 AM

Mental health bosses have warned that Norfolk and Suffolk does not have the capacity to cope with a looming increase in dementia cases after beds and staffing numbers were cut by 45pc.

Changing dementia care in Norfolk and Suffolk