Wonderful son helping his mum get through cancer treatment

Sheringham boy’s mascot role is a boost for sick mum

By Richard Batson Thursday, April 7, 2011
7:00 AM

 A mother-of-two battling cancer was given a big boost when her son was a match-day mascot for Norwich City as the team chalked up its biggest win of the season.  

Michelle Richardson from Sheringham is suffering her 
second bout of the disease in five years and has been told by doctors they can treat but not cure her. Just ahead of her latest chemotherapy session, she proudly watched eight-year-old son Euan run out with the promotion-chasing Canaries before their 6-0 thrashing of Scunthorpe in Saturday’s Championship clash.

“It was great and it made me want to have a lot more days with my family,” said 42-year-old Mrs Richardson from Pine Grove, Sheringham.

“I am a fighter and most of the time I am smiling. I try to be as normal as possible for the children and rest when they are not around so that mummy’s okay when they are here.

“I am living through cancer not dying from it,” she said.

Mrs Richardson first suffered cancer in 2006 when what was thought to be sciatica leg pains turned out to be a tumour in her right buttock pressing on the sciatic nerve.

Surgery at London’s Royal Marsden Hospital to remove the gluteus maximus muscle at the top of her leg and six weeks of radiotherapy left her struggling to run or put socks on because of the loss of muscle – but she was coping.

Then last year, four-and-a-half years later, Michelle was suffering neck and chest pain when raising her arms during everyday acts such as hanging up clothes. It did not respond to physiotherapy and medication.

“One day I got stuck in the bath, but luckily my daughter was off school sick and could help,” she explained.

Further tests revealed a lump near the shoulder blade. Just four days after a CT scan she was back in hospital and a biopsy revealed another tumour.

Coping with the current treatment was boosted by the trip to Carrow 
Road, which came through Sheringham Primary School where Euan is a 
pupil and Michelle a classroom assistant who “absolutely loves” her work helping children with emotional support.

Euan was chosen because of the way he had coped with his mum’s illness and not let it affect his school work, she explained.

The family including husband David and daughter Ella-Mae, 11, also made the trip.

Euan, a player with the East Coast Warriors youth football team at Sheringham, met the City players before the game including one of his favourites, star striker Grant Holt who grabbed a hat-trick on the day.

The youngster was given a tour of the stadium, was announced 
on the pitch beforehand and ran 
out with the team, hand in 
hand with goalkeeper John Ruddy.

Mrs Richardson, who also used to work in Pegg’s record and video shop in Sheringham and Holt, said Euan had been really excited leading up to the game, which he watched wearing his yellow Canary shirt.

“He is a quiet lad and did not really think it was going to happen. He counted down the sleeps to the match, and loved every minute of the game, but was exhausted at the end of the day,” she added.

Other members of the family joined them for an after-game celebratory meal.