Top TV team starts work on carers centre

Nick Knowles fronts DIY SOS: The Big Build

Teams from BBC TV’s DIY SOS moved into Blackpool to day to begin work on one of their most ambitious and heartfelt projects to date.

Presenter Nick Knowles (pictured) and his Purple Shirts team began transforming a Blackpool-based young carers centre from a run-down, neglected Victorian house, to a fun, safe and supportive environment where young carers are able to enjoy their childhood.

The transformation, which will benefit Blackpool Carers, is being carried out in conjunction with Children in Need and the show is due to be screened in November to coincide with the appeal.

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  1. Fiona McCormick says:

    Well done they are great people both the carers and DIY Team. I will look forward to seeing it.?

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