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Roundabout for young wheelchair users to enjoy


Fun-loving Angel Allen can sit in comfort as she enjoys a trip on the merry-go-round in her local playground.

Sea Palling now has its own ‘kidabout’ roundabout, specially designed to allow wheelchair users such as Angel, 10, to enjoy a ride.

The kidabout’s ground-floor base and wide entry means Angel, of St Margaret’s Place, can park her wheelchair easily on board, and enjoy a whirl alongside little brother Ben, four.

Been a carer since she was ten years old

It can be difficult and frustrating that carers’ work goes unnoticed

Since she was just ten years old, much of her life has been taken up with caring for her disabled mother, but Tasha Turnbull says she wouldn’t have it any other way.

The 17-year-old student admits that now, as she gets older and her caring responsibilities infringe on her social life – and potentially on her opportunity to go to university – she can sometimes feel frustrated about being tied down to caring for her mum Cheryl.

But she adds that she “wouldn’t want a complete stranger caring for her” in her place.

“At the end of the day, she’s my mum, and it’s important that she feels happy with who is looking after her,” the Hartcliffe teenager says.

Norwich disabled man’s holiday from hell

 An amputee says he suffered a ‘holiday from hell’ in Turkey and has complained to a travel firm about his experiences.

David Bale Saturday, June 9, 2012
11:00 AM



Patrick Martin, 64, from St Barnabas Court, off Orchard Street, in Norwich, uses a wheelchair and crutches after having one leg amputated, and was on holiday last month for the first time since the death of his partner.

He booked the 14-day trip with Norwich’s Thomas Cook in Brigg Street and requested medical seats on the flight, which was operated by Pegasus Airways.

He said he was assured that his disability would not be a problem and he would be well looked after, but he says he started having problems on the plane.

Mr Martin said he had to sit in cramped seats away from the front rows, where there is more leg room, received no help putting his crutches and rucksack into the overhead compartment and had to stand on his crutches while waiting to use the toilet instead of being seated.

When the plane arrived in Turkey he again had to get the crutches and rucksack from the overhead compartment. While he was wheeled to the airport carousel to collect his luggage, he said he was left to drag himself and his luggage to the coach.

The holiday rep on arrival in Turkey did not even know a disabled person was on the flight, he said.

His problems continued at the hotel where he was not given an adapted room, despite being assured one.