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Welfare benefits: work till you drop, literally?

Drop the Welfare Bill instead!

Plans to make even seriously ill or disabled people work without pay, or risk having their benefits cut, have met with wide criticism. There will be no time limits on such work placements, to be introduced when the Welfare Reform Bill has been passed by the UK Parliament.

There has been much criticism of often inaccurate “work capability assessments”, carried out by private company Atos to decide whether sick and disabled people should receive employment and support allowance. Decisions to refuse this benefit are frequently overturned on appeal. But now, even those whose claim is accepted could (with a few exceptions) be ordered to undertake unpaid work if a job advisor thinks it appropriate.

Welfare changes in County Durham may leave people homeless

Benefit change ‘will put 4,500 more homes beyond families’

Feb 21, 2012

THE Government’s planned welfare reforms will place a further 4,500 County Durham homes beyond the reach of low-income families, a housing charity has claimed.
Cuts in payments of Local Housing Allowance (LHA) and caps on housing benefit could leave claimants facing potential homelessness, the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) has warned.

The Government is facing a showdown today re Welfare Reform Bill

Benefit reforms face Lords showdown


The Government is facing a showdown with peers over its controversial shake-up of the benefits system.

The proposals have already endured a difficult time in the House of Lords, where peers inflicted a series of defeats on ministers over the reforms, which will cap benefits at £26,000.

But the changes imposed on the Government were reversed by MPs, and the Welfare Reform Bill now returns to the Lords for what could be a test of strength between the two Houses of Parliament.