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Rhondda carers go back to school for free

Published on 20 Sep 2012

Carers in Rhondda Cynon Taf are heading back to the classroom to undertake further education thanks to a pioneering Open University scheme.

Launched by Rhondda Cynon Taf Council and the Welsh Education Association, the Engagement Gateway allows carers in the County Borough to broaden their horizons and achieve their personal goals.

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council’s Carers Support Project is providing the opportunity for carers to undertake an Open University course of their choice – all free of charge.

Carers benefit from courses to help them look after themselves

The Looking After Me Course

Carers have been given useful advice to help them looking after themselves.
The Looking After Me Course, run by Education Programme for Patients, is aimed at carers providing them with information such as relaxation, healthy eating and communication skills.
A recent course was run in Pembrokeshire where 50 per cent of the participants cared for their spouse or partner and a further 40 per cent were carers for their child with long-term health conditions. Fifty per cent of participants also had a long-term health condition themselves.

The importance of social care to elderly people in Wales

Bill has the potential to ward off problems in the provision of social care

Amy Clifton outlines the importance of social care to elderly people in Wales

IT IS widely acknowledged that the existing arrangements for providing care in Wales are struggling under increasing pressure and a lack of resources.

Quality of services, eligibility criteria for care services and the amount that people pay for those services vary significantly across Wales.

In most local authorities today, people with low, moderate, and often substantial care needs do not receive any support from care authorities.

Unpaid carers – the majority of whom are aged over 50, currently provide 96% of care in communities across Wales.