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Fears unpaid carers’ health being harmed by workload

 Many unpaid carers also have to hold down a job.

By Claire Warrender, 8 January 2015 12.16pm.

More than a quarter of Fife’s army of unpaid carers are spending at least 50 hours per week looking after others, it has been revealed.

The majority of those with the biggest burden are pensioners, although many are younger with homes and families to look after.

Those spending long hours caring have reported the strain is affecting their health, prompting calls for better support for carers.

Disability benefit delays criticised

Delays in paying the new disability benefit are leaving many people without enough money to afford essential living costs, according to a report.

Citizens Advice Scotland said people are waiting an average of six months between claiming the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and receiving the payment.

This can have a knock-on effect on other benefit claims, it said.

PIP has been introduced in Scotland over the past year.

It is part of wider welfare reforms by the UK government, and has replaced the Disabled Living Allowance (DLA) as the main benefit that helps disabled people meet the costs of their basic daily living.

Care choice plan ‘could fail’ as councils stick to EU rules

CHARITIES have warned policies designed to let older people choose their own care will fail if councils insist on following European rules on tendering

FORECAST: Annie Gunner Logan says she saw the problem coming.

Personalisation policies, which have near-universal support from the Government, councils and care providers, are meant to give elderly and disabled people and their carers a choice of the services they receive, and help keep them in their own homes.

But care providers have long warned there is a basic incompatibility between this choice and procurement rules councils follow when commissioning services.