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Paisley MSP urges politicians to work together for M.E.

It is estimated that more than 250,000 people in the UK suffer from ME

Apr 12 2012 by Jeff Holmes, Paisley Daily Express

A CAMPAIGNING politician is urging fellow MSPs to back her efforts to raise awareness of a devastating illness.

West of Scotland MSP Mary Fee wants to turn the spotlight on Myalgic Encephalopathy, also known as ME, which is often misunderstood by members of the public who have had no experience of the condition.

ME is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a neurological condition and can result in muscle pain, with intense physical or mental exhaustion, relapses and specific cognitive disabilities.

The condition can affect people of any age, although it’s more common among those aged between 25 and 45 and is more prevalent in women than men.

ME is often dismissed – but sufferers like Emily Collingridge are dying

How many young people have to die before ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ merits properly funded biomedical research?


ME sufferers such as Lynn Gilderdale, pictured, and Emily Collingridge have died as a result of the disease. Photograph: David Cairns/Rex Features

On Sunday 18 March, Emily Collingridge, a beautiful 30-year-old activist and author, died after she was apparently no longer able to struggle against the chronic illness that had afflicted her since she was six. Major news organisations have all but ignored her death – the death of a noteworthy campaigner while suffering from the very condition she tried to persuade the world actually existed – just as they continually ignore so many important stories about the illness she had.

That illness is a neurological condition called myalgic encephalomyelitis or ME. There are many who think it is not real and many others, even within the medical profession, who think it is a psychological condition best treated with enforced exercise, which only worsens its effects. Even those doctors and lay people who acknowledge the illness often refer to it by the ridiculous name “chronic fatigue syndrome”, which is almost as damaging to ME sufferers as the symptoms we suffer.

Fight for M.E sufferers


Fight for M.E sufferers

8:40am Thursday 16th February 2012 in


Britain’s M.E. patients are simply too ill to fight the ignorance, injustice and neglect they face from Government, parts of the NHS, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), employers, teachers and sometimes even family members.