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Bleak outlook ahead because of the cuts to social care

Extra investment ‘needed to make care cap work’

 Social-care budgets have already been squeezed in the past few years

The government’s commitment to reform social care will require greater investment, ministers have been told.

A bill limiting the cost to disabled and elderly people of their social care will form part of the government’s legislative programme for the next year, the Queen’s Speech revealed.

Previously ministers had proposed introducing a cap of £72,000 in 2016.

But campaigners and council chiefs told ministers budget cuts were already putting the system at risk.

Research by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) suggests the £16bn budget for social care, including services for both elderly and disabled people, is likely to be trimmed by £800m in the next 12 months.

Real caring in Gloucestershire is important

Importance of care for Gloucestershire’s 4,000 dementia sufferers

Monday, May 06, 2013

Gloucestershire Echo


REMEMBERING to eat or how to brush your teeth are some of the more important things in life that dementia sufferers can forget.

There are 4,000 dementia sufferers in Gloucestershire, needing social care at home.

Roy Bell, 92, and his wife, Peggy, of Bishop’s Cleeve, both have mixed dementia to varying degrees.

Counting the cost of controversial benefit reforms

Council calculates cost of welfare reform

The council is counting the cost of controversial benefit reforms brought in by Westminster.

A seven-strong team is being put in place to cope with changes that have implications of £2 million for the authority.

A sub-committee was briefed on the situation this week.