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Blaming care pathway ‘like blaming Highway Code’

  There is now debate over what should replace the Liverpool Care Pathway

For 10 years the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) was used to monitor care at the end of life, but negative media reports raised concerns it had led to poor care and even deaths – and last summer a panel led by the Baroness Neuberger decided that the LCP should no longer be used.

But writing in Scrubbing Up, Dr Claud Regnard, a consultant in palliative care medicine in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, suggests the media, government and Neuberger panel were wrong to blame the LCP and questions whether the ban was justified and will benefit patients.

Doctors to launch investigation into Liverpool Care Pathway

Doctors are to investigate whether the controversial Liverpool Care Pathway, which is supposed to alleviate suffering, is actually being used to deliberately hasten death.

Hundreds of elderly people are being neglected in NHS hospitals

11:27AM BST 24 Oct 2012

Palliative care doctors are preparing to open an investigation in concerns that the Liverpool Care Pathway is being used to deliberately hasten the death of elderly and terminally-ill patients.

The Association for Palliative Medicine, representing over 1,000 doctors working in hospices and specialist palliative care units throughout the country, is going to carry out research to see if the LCP is operating as a “euthanasia pathway”.