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LILY (Living Independently in Later Years) here to help all of West Norfolk’s old folks

Older people living in West Norfolk will be able to ‘ask LILY’ for information about a host of services

West Norfolk council lily launch with Cllr Elizabeth Nockolds and Hazel Fredericks ANL-140403-132451001

Published on the 08 March 2014 11:48

West Norfolk council lily launch with Cllr Elizabeth Nockolds and Hazel Fredericks ANL-140403-132451001

The new directory which can be found at www.asklily.org.uk has been compiled by West Norfolk Council on behalf of the West Norfolk Partnership.

It contains over 900 entries covering social activities, health, transport, money matters and more, and is designed to be a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for information for the over 65s living in West Norfolk.

At the last Census, 23per cent of West Norfolk’s population was over 65, with 27per cent of these people living alone. Estimates suggest that these figures are set to rise.

Second home ownership, the rural nature of the borough and a trend for people to retire to West Norfolk from other areas, mean many older people can find themselves without vital community or family networks. LILY brings together a range of information, for older people and those who support them, in one place, making it easy for people to find the contacts and information they need.

Is your GP surgery equipped for the digital future?

Doctors’ practices are becoming increasingly hi-tech in an effort to make a streamlined NHS more convenient for the public

55 per cent of practices already offer repeat prescriptions online

Appointments that you can make online, while still in your pyjamas. Repeat prescriptions that can be ordered in the same way. Secure access to your own medical records from your laptop. The option for a consultation over the internet via Skype. And, when you do need to pop into the doctor’s surgery in person, proper Wi-fi, so that you can download the latest podcasts about healthy living, browse consultant appointments on NHS Choices, and book them, too, before you go home.

Digital skills will bring benefits for carers

By: Information Daily Staff Writer
Published: Friday, February 14, 2014 – 11:18 GMT

In an interview with Healthcare Innovation Daily, Annette King, a manager with Digital Birmingham, says that acquiring the skills to access the internet and its many resources has multiple benefits.

“There are two things carers would generally like do”, she says. “One is to talk to other carers so they don’t feel that they are on their own.

“The other is about the condition of the person they are looking after, so that they can improve their caring”, she added.