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NHS patients encouraged to give feedback about care on revamped website

Patients in Shetland are being encouraged to write about their experiences of health care, good and bad, on NHS Shetland’s revamped website which has just gone live.

April 3rd, 2012 by

In future some patients and carers may be invited to tell their stories on tape, video or in person to the NHS board, which manages health services in Shetland.

The new independent feedback system, called Patient Opinion, started in a low-key way in January, prompting only six responses so far by email, phone and letter. Five were complimentary and the other conveyed ideas for improvements.

Patient Opinion is a non-profit service independent of NHS Shetland and the NHS which confidentially handles each “story” about a person’s experience of the NHS, including what was good and what could have been better.

Making sure your online doctor will always have time to see you

Last month, the care minister Paul Burstow claimed that within five years 3m patients could be consulting their doctor and managing their health conditions online.

Last year’s Government study of 6,000 patients with conditions such as diabetes showed that telehealth reduced deaths by 45pc

9:42PM BST 31 Mar 2012

After a Government-funded study last year found that so-called “telehealth” or “telemedicine” could dramatically cut deaths and emergency admissions, politicians are aiming to save lives – and money – by ensuring patients suffering from illnesses such as heart or lung conditions can monitor their illness at home.

Accelerated adoption of telehealth should prove beneficial for the likes of Tunstall, a Yorkshire-based business that provides telemedicine technology and services. Many other mid-sized businesses could also flourish in this area, as the NHS looks to the private sector for solutions.

Paralympian Baroness Grey-Thompson suffers online abuse over train trouble

Baroness Grey-Thompson says she has attracted a stream of anti-disability abuse after she spoke of having to crawl off a train in London.


A newspaper website reporting the story prompted a large number of offensive comments about the peer’s disability.

“There’s a lot of disabled people who wouldn’t be able to deal with it the way I’m able to,” she said.