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Home improvement for those with poor health saves hospitals money

Housing modifications can save millions for the NHS, but the housing sector needs to be involved in the decision making


Adapting the homes of wheelchair users saved a London borough £30,000 per client.


Countless reports have called for greater collaborative working between the housing sector and health care providers, specifically with the view of creating lasting homes where care and support can be given to help those with poor health, as well as those recovering from long-term illnesses.

Looking at the connection between health and housing is a logical starting point, but how does it work in practice?

Norwich disabled man’s battle for home after leaving hospital

Wheelchair-bound man has spent five weeks sleeping on his father’s sofa

Tom Bristow tom.bristow@archant.co.uk
Tuesday, July 16, 2013
6:36 AM

A lack of flatwheelchair-bound man has spent five weeks sleeping on his father’s sofas for disabled people in Norwich has meant a wheelchair-bound man has spent five weeks sleeping on his father’s sofa, despite being in the “emergency” band for a council house.

Simon Kindleysides, 29, left the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in a wheelchair five weeks ago expecting to be placed in a ground floor flat adapted for disabled people.

Towns and cities that will be hardest hit by government welfare reforms

Welfare reforms ‘will take £19bn A YEAR out of economy and hit poorest hardest’

CONTROVERSIAL new welfare reforms to be implemented by the Government will take almost £19 billion a year out of the UK economy, researchers revealed today.

 Northern England will be hit hardest by the Government’s welfare reforms, research has shown
Northern England will be hit hardest, with residents in Blackpool set to lose out more than anywhere else in Britain when the changes to the benefits system kick in, academics at Sheffield Hallam University said.Former industrial areas including Middlesbrough, Liverpool and Glasgow will also be disproportionately affected.However, wealthier areas, predominantly in the South, such as Cambridge, Surrey and the Cotswolds, will see the smallest financial losses.

Researchers assessed the financial impact of changes made by the Conservative-led coalition to housing benefit – including the so-called bedroom tax on public housing tenants who have unused rooms – disability living allowance, child benefit, tax credits, council tax benefit and several other hand-outs.

Professor Steve Fothergill, from Sheffield Hallam’s Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, led the study, which was based on a range of official statistics.