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39 disabled people’s charities fight for DLA

Charities debunk government disability cut reasoning
The government’s reasons for removing disability living allowance (DLA) from those in residential care have been debunked in a report signed by 39 disabled people’s charities.

The whole thing sets out very clearly why the government, according to these charities, is wrong.

Why was there a delay of three years before informing the 16 patients in the trials that they had been infected with HIV?

Contaminated blood victims in plea for inquiry truth

Patients in Scotland who were given contaminated blood in the 1970s and 1980s have called for truth and honesty from an official inquiry.

The Penrose Inquiry is due to hear from some of the hundreds of people who were infected with hepatitis C and HIV following blood transfusions.

Ahead of the first oral evidence seesion, victims and families affected said they wanted lessons to be learned.

Lord Penrose is chairing the inquiry, which began two years ago.

It was instigated by the Scottish government and was given the task of investigating how the NHS collected, treated and supplied blood during the period.

Understanding Bipolar

Bipolar disorder refers to a mood disorder affecting approximately one in every 100 adults. For those people, severe mood disturbances – either highly elevated or strongly depressed — can make normal functioning extremely difficult.