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Carers and residents should be given a say in the care of the elderly

Fundamental change needed to improve elderly care, says report

Tristan Donovan

Residents and relatives should be given a direct say in the running of care homes, according to a report examining how care for the elderly could be improved.

The Delivering Dignity report, by a commission set up by Age UK, the NHS Confederation and Local Government Association, sets out a range of recommendations designed to act as “a call to arms to the whole health and social care system”.

As well as greater involvement of residents in decision making, it also urges care homes to stamp out ageist language and calls for the creation of a new rating system for care homes that would inform inspections by the Care Quality Commission.

Widows and Carers should be recognized

Govt bereavement research fails to consider older people because social security is no longer social

The government is going through a consultation about bereavement benefits at the moment (you have to reply by the 5th March): here is the document on the web: Government consultation on bereavement benefit.

They have also published some research which, from the point of greying people, is a bit disappointing. The crucial cut-off date is age 45, because the state bereavement allowance is only paid for a year if you are bereaved from that age up to state pension age (unless you have children when you are bereaved, in which case you you get an extra allowance while you are getting child benefit for them).

GPs ‘to prescribe health apps’

Smartphone with apps Apps can help patients keep a check on their health
By Michelle Roberts Health reporter, BBC News

GPs could soon offer their patients free smartphone apps to help with managing health conditions.

The Department of Health says its initiative is the “next step” in the drive to give patients more control over their own health.

The apps could help diabetics keep a check on their blood sugar and patients monitor their own blood pressure.