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Encourage people, autistic people as well as others, to bring a carer

The government will ensure that the Personal Independence Payment, being introduced to replace Disability Living Allowance, will protect the most vulnerable, peers have been told.

During question time on 10 March 2011, Work and Pensions Minister Lord Freud said one of the things the government wanted to get “absolutely right” when designing the new scheme was “how we look after the most vulnerable”.

His comments came during an exchange with Conservative peer Baroness Browning, who asked the minister what impact the changes would have on people with autism.

39 disabled people’s charities fight for DLA

Charities debunk government disability cut reasoning
The government’s reasons for removing disability living allowance (DLA) from those in residential care have been debunked in a report signed by 39 disabled people’s charities.

The whole thing sets out very clearly why the government, according to these charities, is wrong.

Welfare reform bill will punish disabled people and the poor

Welfare reform bill will punish disabled people and the poor

The Guardian, Tuesday 8 March 2011 Article historyThe welfare reform bill, to be given its second reading in the Commons tomorrow, disguises cuts and changes to a number of benefits that will punish disabled people. In particular, the bill will time-limit contribution-related employment support allowance to 365 days, so that a claimant becomes ineligible after a year if their spouse or partner works.