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Political bravery is needed to plug the gap in social care

New research shows there is a current funding gap in adult social care of about £634 million per year. Government and local authorities are going to have to make brave decisions


The lack of money to fund appropriate care for the elderly means that politicians and local authorities need to start thinking innovatively.

How do you want to spend your old age? Many of us would prefer to spend our final years in our own homes, but not to be completely isolated. If we have to go into residential care we want that setting to be comfortable, safe and stimulating. In sum we want dignity, autonomy and security in our old age.

However for too many people residential care is catastrophically expensive, poor quality and disconnected from the full range services they may need.

A new paper written by LGiU for the RSA and published Friday 2 November highlights the scale of this problem, not just for national government but especially for local government which funds and commissions the vast majority of social care.

As recently as April this year Paul Burstow, then social care minister, told the House of Commons health select committee: “There is no gap in the current spending review period on the basis of the money that we are putting in plus efficiency gains through local authorities redesigning services.”

Crisis in social care costs Britain over £5bn a year

Crisis will get worse, charities warn

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Britain’s fragile economy is losing more than £5bn a year as a result of a growing crisis in social care funding aggravated by the Government’s austerity measures.

People are giving up an estimated £4bn in pay – cash that would have been channelled back into the economy – because they are being forced to leave work to care for elderly or disabled relatives. The Treasury is also missing out on £1bn of taxes they would otherwise have paid, while carers are claiming some £300m in benefits to help cover their living costs.

The “missing” £5.3bn is equivalent to more than 0.3 per cent of Britain’s gross domestic product, charities warned last night. More than 300,000 people quit work in 2010-11 to look after relatives – and the number is increasing because of continuing cuts to care budgets, they said.

The extent of the losses to the economy was disclosed in a report from Age UK and Carers UK, building on work by the London School of Economics. They said the problem would worsen unless ministers reversed cuts to town hall budgets that were affecting services, and finally acted to settle the long-term funding of social care.

Norfolk minister: I’m committed to funding elderly care

Top Priority

by JOSEPH WATTS, Political editor Saturday, September 22, 2012
6:30 AM

Health minister and Norfolk MP Norman Lamb was left in a difficult position yesterday when his predecessor accused the Treasury of blocking reforms to the funding of elderly care.

The government is currently considering how it and individuals should pay for the burgeoning cost of care for the elderly in the future.