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GROUND-BREAKING free course to help carers to overcome anxiety and depression

Free carers therapy for positivity

Published on Friday 12 August 2011 09:00

A GROUND-BREAKING free course is running in Dunstable to help carers to overcome anxiety and depression.


Central Bedfordshire Council is pioneering the six-week course, which uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help carers look at their situation and their emotional response to it.

Therapist Allison White, who runs the scheme at the local authority offices in High Street North, said: “CBT creates a positive space for carers to talk about how they are feeling and gives them some useful coping mechanisms. It’s all about increasing their self worth and quality of life.”

“The course provides an insight into anxiety and depression, their effects on the body, thoughts and behaviour.

The shadow of the black dog touches us all, but it is possible to master mental illness

Celebrities back ‘black dog’ campaign to defeat depression

Mental health charity SANE plans sculptures across the country to raise awareness of ‘forgotten illness’


Well-known impressionist Rory Bremner suffers from depression
First coined by the Roman poet Horace and later adopted by Winston Churchill to describe his own depression, the metaphor of the “black dog” has been used for centuries. Now a mental health charity has reclaimed the expression and wants to bring it to a plinth near you.

Sane is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month and, to mark the occasion, it will be continuing the fight to beat the taboos surrounding mental illness by producing larger-than-lifesize sculptures of dogs that its founder and chief executive, Marjorie Wallace, hopes will be sponsored by companies, schools and individuals and put in prominent positions up and down the country.