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Jeremy Hunt urges health and wellbeing boards to help improve dementia care and support

The Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt has written to health and wellbeing boards and local authorities to encourage them to increase awareness of dementia and help improve dementia diagnosis rates in their local areas, through networking with local NHS colleagues.

New look unveiled at Norfolk dementia unit following government investment

One in three Alzheimer’s cases preventable, says research

A healthier, fitter population could be the key to reducing cases of Alzheimer’s disease

One in three cases of Alzheimer’s disease worldwide is preventable, according to research from the University of Cambridge.

The main risk factors for the disease are a lack of exercise, smoking, depression and poor education, it says.

Previous research from 2011 put the estimate at one in two cases, but this new study takes into account overlapping risk factors.

Alzheimer’s Research UK said age was still the biggest risk factor.