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Gift boxes wanted to give Carers for Christmas

Foodbank plea for Christmas gift boxes

2:00pm Sunday 30th October 2011


AN ANDOVER charity is asking residents to help make Christmas special for local children.

Last year Andover Foodbank donated more than 400 gift boxes to children in the community identified by care workers from agencies and organisations who work in partnership with the charity.

Some of the children are in families or with carers who cannot afford to buy gifts at Christmas. Others are living in chaotic situations where children are simply not thought about.

Will money from the Health Lottery reach carers?

Is the health lottery good news for charities?

The health lottery aims to boost funds to disadvantaged groups but existing schemes say it will undercut them while offering less money to good causes.

The Guardian,

The WRVS older people‘s charity, Princess Royal Trust for Carers and conservation organisation BTCV are among nine “charity partners” receiving money from a controversial new lottery launched earlier this month.

Charities lose £4m to faster internet plan

Published: 08/09/2011 08:12 – Updated: 08/09/2011 08:11
Chris Havergal

 Losers included a youth bus, a carers’ network and projects which tackled homelessness, child obesity and domestic abuse.

Four million pounds which was promised to good causes across Cambridgeshire will be diverted to deliver superfast broadband.

County council leader Cllr Nick Clarke said the project was “vital” for quality of life and business but the decision sparked criticism since the authority said it was prepared to borrow to provide speedy internet.

The cash was earmarked for charities, voluntary groups and council projects under a system called local public service agreements (LPSA), but was withdrawn by the Government last year with only half of the £9 million fund distributed.