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Mp supporting carers in Hartlepool where they teach carers about the internet

MP WRITES: Caring for the carers

IT instructor Ronald Welsh teaches carers Denise Morrison (left) and Maureen Beveridge
LAST week was Carers Week. Ever since I became an MP, I have wanted to support Carers Week and highlight the magnificent – and very often unsung work that umpteen people do for their friends and family. It is estimated that one in ten people living in this country – that’s a total of six million people – are carers.

The work that they do in helping a loved one, work that might otherwise be the responsibility of social care or the NHS, is estimated to save this country £112 billion each and every year. That is more than the annual spend on the National Health Service.

Hartlepool is a particularly special case. A big part of the Hartlepool character is to care for your loved ones.

It is just seen as being a good daughter or grandson or neighbour.

It is also the Hartlepool way that people who do this, providing a huge range of care from popping in for a cup of tea or getting somebody the paper to, let’s be frank, dealing with very personal hygiene matters, don’t want special treatment or being singled out.

Please remember carers now carersweek is over!

If you’re a carer, take care of yourself too

Last week was Carers Week, and Members of Parliament and people around the country paid attention to the work done by carers who undertake the enormous task of looking after their loved ones every day.

It is now 51 weeks until the next Carers Week, but that does not mean we can forget about them.
The work of a carer is arduous and unrelenting. I recall my grandad steadfastly dedicating years to caring for my nan, and now my father-in-law is in need of complete round-the-clock care.
Many of us will find ourselves in the role of carer at some point and the impact it will have on our lives can be enormous.
For many it can affect their career prospects or result in a reduced income – perhaps because they have to work fewer hours.
For others, it will reduce the amount of free time they have – perhaps having to give up sporting or other activities.
For some it can cause a breakdown in relationships.

Chloe Smith says: Join local carers in ‘Carers Week’ donation morning

Chloe Smith says: can you donate old computers? Join local carers in ‘Carers Week’ donation morning

June 12, 2013

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Chloe Smith, Member of Parliament for Norwich North, will on Friday 14th June join a locally-run carers group to call for simple help from the community.

Chloe will be joining “Chill4Us” at a coffee session hosted at Peter Taylor Funeral Directors to show her support and recognition of the hard work of carers.

“Chill4Us” host online chat sessions to reach out to carers who may feel isolated whilst often being confined to their homes whilst looking after their loved one. Chloe has supported her Hellesdon constituent, who runs the group, many times in the past.

Chloe is supporting Chill4Us’ ‘Computers For Carers’ campaign by appealing to local businesses or individuals to show support for local carers by asking for donations of computers and laptops that are no longer needed, so that they can be given to carers who cannot afford computer equipment themselves.