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Working towards better outcomes for carers in Norfolk

The Carers’ Council for Norfolk represents the voice of unpaid carers in Norfolk who look after a partner, family member or friend. An independent charity, it helps to make sure that carers’ experiences and opinions are heard and influence decisions about public services across the county. National organisation CarersUK estimate there are 99,419 unpaid carers in Norfolk, providing care that would cost £1.9billion pounds a year if it had to be paid for by public services – that’s over £5.2 million a day or over £60 a second. Just in Norfolk.

Carers have a right to not be impoverished, overworked and exploited

Around the world caring work is overwhelmingly carried out by women.

Why is it still not given the recognition and respect it deserves, asks NINA LOPEZ

IN 1946, Liverpool Suffragette and independent MP Eleanor Rathbone won universal family allowance — later called child benefit — after decades of campaigning.

She was outraged at mothers’ dependence and poverty: “Nothing can justify the subordination of one group of producers — the mothers — to the rest, and their deprivation of all share of their own in the wealth of a community which depends on them for its very existence.”

Mental health cuts ‘put lives at risk’

Cuts to adult mental health services in England have started damaging the quality of care given to patients, a report suggests.

The review by the King’s Fund think tank found there was now “widespread evidence of poor quality care”.

Researchers linked this to the use of unproven, cheaper services in a bid to balance the books.