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Carer treated with nothing but contempt and it’s just so unfair

Anna Ferdinando given two weeks to leave her grandmother’s two-bed house in Hill Road

A mother and her seven-month-old son are being evicted from their home by Haringey Borough Council because she did not claim benefits.

Anna Ferdinando, of Hill Road, Muswell Hill, and her son Arthur are being forced to leave her late grandmother Helene McPhillips’ council house because she did not claim Carer’s Allowance.

Telehealth costs more than conventional treatment

Budget for NHS cost-cutting scheme to triple

A cost-cutting government scheme to monitor millions of NHS patients remotely in their homes is three times more expensive than expected, and is unlikely to save the predicted £1.2 billion a year, a study has found.

a remote monitoring system transmit patient's blood oxygen levels to the local hospital

Eddie Beardsmore uses a remote monitoring system to transmit his blood oxygen levels to the local hospital Photo: JAY WILLIAMS

By Melanie Hall

One of the Coalition’s key health ambitions — to treat three million people with long-term conditions remotely — would cost £92,000 per patient, way above the £30,000 threshold set by the medical regulator, according to research published in the British Medical Journal.

The Department of Health has promoted the “telehealth” scheme, which would involve installing machines in patients’ homes to monitor their conditions and send results electronically to doctors, as a money-saving measure that also improves quality of life and reduces emergency hospital admissions, GP appointments and visits to accident and emergency departments.

However, a trial study of almost 1,000 patients already monitored in this way found that telehealth costs more than conventional treatment.

Husband who cares for his wife with MS faces misery because they have a spare bedroom

‘I’d rather go to jail than pay bedroom tax’ – husband carer’s desperation over controversial welfare cut

PETER PAPWORTH, who looks after his disabled wife, says he’d rather be behind bars than pay the Con-Dem’s bedroom tax.

Peter and Amanda Papworth
Peter and Amanda Papworth

A HUSBAND who cares for his disabled wife is among the first people to be hit by the Con-Dem Government’s controversial bedroom tax.

Peter Papworth received a demand from Highland Council this week but vows he will go to jail rather than pay.

The 38-year-old lives with wife Amanda, who has multiple sclerosis, in a two-bedroom house in Inverness.

But Highland Council say the couple must fork out £9.96 a week from next month as they have a spare room.

He is now demanding a meeting with local Lib Dem MP Danny Alexander – a leading member of the Coalition Government behind the tax.

Peter said: “My stomach is knotted with anger. To some people it might only be £40 a month but we simply cannot afford it. This will have a devastating effect on us.”