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When the carer has to be the cared for!

When a carer can’t care?

written by Carer JJ

………. A clean duvet!

day 1 of my mum not being here

As you know I have had an operation and have put my care in the hands of the gods! Or in this case my husband Fred.

It is 2 weeks and 1 day since my operation and my mum left yesterday. With the parting words of ‘I will be back if you can’t manage’. Words that sent a chill through the heart of Fred! He has just about survived extended time with his mother in law! And I mean just!

I have run this operation and recuperation time like a military operation. There have been colour coded schedules and lists on the fridge for weeks. Everyone who is involved is helping (they did volunteer bless them) has been a located a colour. With the warning don’t mess with the schedule under threat of a court marshall! My mum was a located red obviously and was the only one who can fiddle with it. Mainly as even though I am 46 I am scared by her!

Praise for carer Dion Willis, 18, who gets to elderly clients come rain, shine or bus delay

By CitizenNews  |

Dion Willis who cares for Gwyn Powell with his wife Brenda 

Helping people out of bed, doing their housework and taking them shopping – they are all in a day’s work for 18-year-old carer Dion Willis.

But for Dion, who is an apprentice carer, it is a little more challenging than for many of her colleagues.

Husband frustrated at lack of good care when wife was battling cancer launches own business

East Grinstead Courier  |  Posted: March 22, 2015

Rajive De Chickera set up his own care business after getting frustrated at the lack of quality care available to his wife when she had cancer

A HUSBAND who grew frustrated at the variable quality of care in hospitals and care homes while looking after his wife as she battled cancer has launched his own business caring for people in and around East Grinstead.