Relatives of dementia sufferers who die in care homes having to wait months

New rules say state inquests into the deaths must take place prior to a funeral

Relatives of dementia sufferers who pass away in care homes are being forced to wait months to bury loved ones because of new rules.

Families are being caught up by regulations that require state inquests into the deaths of many Alzheimer’s sufferers before funerals can take place – even when there is little mystery over the cause of death.

The delays are linked to an expansion in the use of Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS), which are intended to make sure that people in care homes, hospitals and supported living are looked after in a way that does not inappropriately restrict their freedom. The number of Alzheimer’s patients subject to DoLS is increasing following a Supreme Court judgement last year that effectively lowered the threshold for what constitutes deprivation of liberty in care.

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