Nolan sisters sing praises for Trinity Hospice

Nolan sisters sing praises for Trinity

Published on the 22 November 2013 15:19

Trinity Hospice.

And now the rest of the country has heard of it too, thanks to Coleen Nolan singing its praises on Daybreak to around half a million viewers.

The Nolan Sisters’ singer took to the the ITV morning show to talk about how the hospice on Low Moor Road, Bispham, supported her sister, Bernie, and the rest of their family in Bernie’s final days.

And the Loose Women presenter helped to dispel common misconceptions about the palliative care unit.

She said: “You know about hospices but you think it’s depressing, it’s where people go in their final moments. So it was a bit scary when they said Bernie was going into a hospice.

“But I can’t tell you … it was the most amazing place.”

Linzi Young, fundraising manager for Trinity Hospice, said: “Coleen Nolan’s reflections of her sister Bernie’s stay at Trinity Hospice were heart warming.

“There are lots of misconceptions about what happens in a hospice and it’s great that Coleen is helping to spread the word about the amazing job that hospices do and the care our dedicated nurses provide, not just to our patients but to their whole family, friends and carers.”

Coleen added: “The amazing thing for me was, at one point … I went out to cry and straight away the ladies came up and they said ‘we’re not just here for Bernie, we’re here for the whole family.”

Ms Young said: “Her support and kind words are enormously appreciated as is the fantastic support from the family for our Hospice Heroes appeal.”

The Gazette’s Hospice Heroes campaign is aiming to raise £200,000 for Trinity Hospice and Brian House children’s hospice.

The cash will be put together with a £280,000 grant from the Department for Health to fund a huge redevelopment of the facilities, the biggest of its kind since its opening in 1985.

Coleen said: “They really do make it as much a home from home as you want it to be.”

With funds from the Hospice Heroes appeal rooms in the hospice will be converted into single occupancy rooms, to allow patients and families more privacy and dignity.

The living area will also be expanded and the kitchen is to be redone to allow older children more independence.

And children’s rooms in Brian House will be redecorated and made safer.

Linda Nolan told The Gazette she was proud to see Coleen praising the hospice which has done so much for their family.

She said: “It was hard to watch because we miss Bernie so much.

“[Hospice Heroes] is about the hospice’s future and it’s our future as well because sadly it’s going to happen to all of us so you need it there for yourself or your loved ones.

“We’re lucky to have it.”