New membership strategy and resources to help schools manage student stress

Anxiety disorders in children

Edited by Andy Porter
Anxiety UK, a leading national charity, has launched a school membership subscription to help teaching staff address the difficulties and stigmas that surround mental health in schools.
It is estimated that one–in–ten children and young people, aged five to 16 experience a mental health difficulty.
The school membership subscription gives schools access to the Anxiety UK helpline and price discounts on a range of measures, products and evidence–based training courses which will help teachers and students with the recognition and management of anxiety.

Schools taking–out membership will receive a free copy of a tailored Anxiety UK resource comprising a DVD and brochure produced specifically for students about help that is available to overcome different types of anxiety, depression and phobias. With teenage case studies and professionals talking about the impact of anxiety, the stigma attached to anxiety disorders is reduced and students are made aware that they should not ‘suffer–in–silence’. The accompanying booklet has sections for both parents and children that clearly define and explain anxiety disorders, and lists sources of help, treatment and support.
Amongst a range of support services offered, for example, is the evidence–based ‘Cool Kids Programme’ developed by The Macquarie University over 15–years. This is a scientifically–tested course that informs teenagers, from 12 to 17, and their parents, how to better manage anxiety.
Member schools will also receive e–bulletins, which include discussions of young peoples’ experience of anxiety, professional feedback and receipt of appropriate Anxiety UK fact–sheets.
For full information visit the Anxiety UK website at: