New app to help carers juggle tasks

25 January 2014

A new app has been developed for people who care for elderly or sick relatives.

The Jointly app, created by charity Carers UK, helps those looking after loved ones by keeping track of medication, appointments and tasks.

It also connects groups of carers so they can share information and co-ordinate jobs.

The charity said there are millions of carers across the UK who are juggling caring responsibilities with their day-to-day lives.

Helena Herklots, chief executive of Carers UK, said: “We need to realise the potential of technology to support caring just as it helps many people in daily work and leisure.”

Madeleine Starr, director of business development and innovation at the charity, said: “Across age divides we embrace technology in so many ways – banking, shopping, entertainment, connecting and socialising – and it makes perfect sense to use it for caring too.”

:: The £2.99 app is available from Apple and Google Play stores.