MP highlights work of unpaid carers


York Outer MP Julian Sturdy highlights work of unpaid carers

7:45am Thursday 26th May 2011

ONE of York’s MPs has hailed the work of carers as part of a national drive to recognise the contribution made by volunteers who help the sick, frail and disabled.

Ahead of Carers Week, which will run from June 13 to 19, York Outer MP Julian Sturdy praised people who “sacrifice not only their time, but also their money and their health in order to care for a loved one”.

He said: “Together they save this country an incredible £119 billion every year and they deserve to be recognised for their contribution both to our local community and to wider society.

“Having already hosted Parliamentary debates on the challenges facing young carers, I am determined to speak up for Britain’s army of selfless people.

“Carers Week provides a tremendous opportunity to show our respect and appreciation for our carers.”