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Carers Need Your Old Laptops To Help Cope With Their Isolation
Getting family carers over the age of 18 on the internet in Norfolk


Don't throw your old laptop or tablet away

Don’t throw your old laptop or tablet away


Caring for a loved one is often a lonely task because of the many hours spent caring, along with having little money or support.

Carers Allowance is the lowest benefit there is, and there are many carers who do not even realize they are a carer.
Most carers are unable to leave the house due to not being able to leave the person they care for on their own, which can obviously leave the carer feeling isolated.  Because of this many carers feel depressed or have a lack of self worth.
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  1. admin says:

    Aim: To give carers an online support community.

    WENDY Maxwell set up Chill4Us, an online community for carers with no support.

    It has grown and grown, and with the £5,000 Digital Heroes grant, Wendy plans to develop Computers4Carers.

    She said: “The biggest challenge since starting six years ago has been getting acknowledgement and finances, so winning has been a massive boost for us. We invested some of the money in Computers4Carers but the rest will go back into Chill4Us.”

    Read more:

  2. Susan Clark says:

    Do you know of any organisation in Scotland that may provide computers for carers? Great site !!!!!

  3. admin says:

    Hi Susan, we have provided free computers or laptops to carers in Scotland, but at the present time we are waiting for people to donate them to us by getting in touch.
    We are not aware of any other organization but Race on Line may have more details.
    Good luck

  4. […] Chill4usCarers actively uses social media to raise awareness and support for carers. The Carers’ forum provides information, news and views. Chill4usCarers organises Computers4carers which provides free laptops for carers. It also offers a chat room, open 24 hours a day @Chill4usCarers […]

  5. […] news and views and the  online chat room is open 24 hours a day. Chill4usCarers organises Computers4carers which provides free computers for carers. Twitter […]

  6. […] innovative Computers for Carers scheme provides free laptops which are given to carers and offers a lifeline for those who need them […]

  7. neal says:

    How do I signup to the website I only have a phone with interenet on

  8. wendy says:

    It is easy to register for our carers forum if you click the link above, which says forum. Then register.
    You will receive a warm welcome from our members

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