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Carers at breaking point

Carers at breaking point, Older People’s Commissioner Sarah Rochira says

 Sarah Rochira says the system should fit around carers

More needs to be done to support carers who are at breaking point, the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales says.

Sarah Rochira is concerned that too many carers across Wales are missing out on much-needed help and their work is often undervalued.

She said it can often lead to a deterioration of their mental and physical health.

Ministers said a “significantly strengthened and expanded policy” was in place to support carers.

Wonderful volunteers helping the sick and carers stuck in the snow

Volunteers help nurses reach critically ill patients

22 March 2013
Snow response in north Wales

As heavy weather causes disruption across the UK, our volunteers are helping nurses reach critically ill patients and delivering vital medication through the snow.

Following a call-out from health officials in North Wales, Red Cross emergency response teams are currently using Land Rover 4×4 vehicles to provide help in very challenging circumstances.

One team is battling through the blustery conditions to ensure nurses can continue to reach – and treat – the critically ill in their own homes. Another Land Rover is being used to run vital insulin supplies to the homes of patients.

There are now more than 5.8 million unpaid carers in England and Wales needing help!

More than one in 10 providing unpaid care

The number of unpaid carers in England and Wales has reached 5.8 million – a rise of 600,000 since 2001, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has said.

Figures from 2011 show that the largest increase was in unpaid carers working for 50 or more hours a week.

Wales had a higher percentage of people providing unpaid care compared with any English region.

In England, the highest percentages of unpaid carers were in the North West, North East and West Midlands.

The ONS study into unpaid care in England and Wales, 2011 found that more than 12% of the population in Wales provided some level of care in 2011.