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£1.35m invested by Government to support carers

£1.35m invested by Government to support carers
People who care for their loved ones are to benefit from more than £1million in Government investment for new support projects.

The investment comes amid concern that many carers are not receiving the help they need.
Martin Beckford, Health Correspondent 7:00AM GMT 07 Feb 2011
A total of 79 projects will receive funding to help many of Britain’s six million carers.

Some of the schemes will provide support to young carers who look after elderly relatives or disabled parents, or help older carers find information and advice on flexible working and housing adaptations.

Other projects will help those who unexpectedly find themselves with a caring role – after a family members is injured or falls ill, for instance – cope with their new responsibilities.

In some cases, the initiatives just seek to identify people who are acting as carers, so they can receive more state support.

The Government’s £1.35m investment, following a £400m NHS scheme to support respite breaks over the next four years, comes amid concern that many carers are not receiving the help they need.

As the population ages and fewer councils provide home care for people with moderate needs, another 1.7m people in Britain are expected to need a carer over the next two decades.

Paul Burstow, the Liberal Democrat Care Services Minister, will say on Monday: “I want every carer to get the support and help they need. But we can only help them if we know who they are. We’re investing £1.35 million in 79 projects that will identify carers so we can give them a helping hand.

“Children and teenagers are often hidden carers – they may not realise they can get help. With the proper help and support we can help ensure their school work doesn’t suffer so they get the same opportunities as other children.”