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Dignity in old age comes at a high price

Dignity in old age comes at a high price

Without radical reform of the way the elderly are cared for, we face an uncertain future, writes Joan Bakewell.

Caring for the elderly: the crisis has arrived

By Joan Bakewell

12:00AM BST 01 Jun 2011

Although many of us knew it was coming, we didn’t expect it to arrive quite so soon. But here the crisis is, presenting us with exactly the problem this country has long failed to face when it comes to caring for the elderly.

Hitting the poor and sick again!

Housing benefit cuts undo a positive move on disability

For disabled people, the government is giving with one hand and taking with the other in its changes to housing benefit


Last year, when George Osborne swiftly laid out his benefit cuts on the table, he threw a small bone to disabled people living alone who require occasional overnight help from carers. He passed an exemption that meant from April this year, these people could receive the two-bedroom rate of housing benefit to pay for a room to be used by carers as required. For those who would find this extra allowance useful, it seemed like a small reprieve among the announcements of slashes to housing benefit; maybe those who need the most help and care wouldn’t do so bad after all. Osborne and Grant Shapps, the minister for housing, also said that the worst off and most afflicted would be looked after, and be free of the clampdown on housing benefit. Before the election, David Cameron promised to “protect the most vulnerable” – an assurance he has broken.

Figures show ‘cost’ of home caring

Figures show ‘cost’ of home caring

Ian Dipple

27 May. Updated: 27 May 10:13

FRIENDS and family who care for sick, frail or disabled loved ones are saving the county’s health economy more than £1billion a year it has been revealed.

The figures have led to calls from carers charities to re-examine financial support given to carers by the state and the Government’s planned cuts to disability benefits.