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Scottish carers reach breaking point

Scotland’s army of unpaid carers are reaching crisis point as their own health problems soar and they struggle to get by on low incomes
by Susan Smith

Scottish carers are reaching breaking point, experiencing high levels of depression, poor incomes and declining health as a result of their caring roles.

Women suffer most from Coalition cuts

WOMEN, and new mothers in ­particular, have suffered disproportionately from Coalition welfare cuts according to new figures released by the SNP.

Using data from the House of Commons Library, the party said 68% of all Westminster welfare cuts between 2011-12 to 2015-16 would fall on women.

In Scotland, that meant £4.1 billion less for women as a result of a five-year cuts package of £6bn.

Fears unpaid carers’ health being harmed by workload

 Many unpaid carers also have to hold down a job.

By Claire Warrender, 8 January 2015 12.16pm.

More than a quarter of Fife’s army of unpaid carers are spending at least 50 hours per week looking after others, it has been revealed.

The majority of those with the biggest burden are pensioners, although many are younger with homes and families to look after.

Those spending long hours caring have reported the strain is affecting their health, prompting calls for better support for carers.