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Why social care professionals should pledge for NHS Change Day

Social care is essential to effective health services, we need to see more pledges about integration


Time for change! Pledges range from improving patient outcomes to being punctual for meetings.

NHS Change Day started with a single tweet in 2012. A small group of healthcare staff decided they wanted to work together to do something better for patients.

In 2013, more than 189,000 people made their own personal pledge to do something different to improve care. Last week, the 2014 total was already 280,000.

The mission of the day is to inspire and mobilise people everywhere to take action by making a personal public pledge to make a difference – no matter how big or small. Everyone counts and every pledge matters.

Prince Charles: good food in hospitals should be a priority

Prince Charles said ‘food is a medicine in itself’ and called for greater emphasis on good quality hospital meals

By Alice Philipson

7:06AM GMT 31 Jan 2014

Prince Charles wants the NHS to see “food as a medicine in itself”, claiming better hospital meals would speed up recovery times.

He called for the quality of food served by the NHS to be made a “clinical priority” and said long-overdue changes could have benefits in other areas of health care such as malnutrition among the elderly.

It comes less than a month after the Telegraph disclosed that more than one in three hospital trusts have cut spending on patients’ meals in the past year.

Some hospitals are now spending as little as 69p on each meal, according to Department of Health figures, with meals at one trust described as “worse than prison”.

Patients ‘not ill enough’ for care funding

  The NHS should pay for those who have a complex medical condition and need nursing care

BBC Scotland has discovered further evidence that Scottish people are being wrongly charged care home costs.

The BBC has now learned of three people who are minimally conscious or in a vegetative state who have been told they are not “ill enough” to get their care costs paid by the NHS.

The three individuals all suffered serious strokes.